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Interface of Codex CMS displaying content editor and right side panel listing available fields for addition

Benefits of Codex

Publisher First

A fully headless CMS built for publishers with a focus on rapid content creation and simplified publisher workflows.

Empower your teams

Take control of the content creation lifecycle with automated workflows and granular permissions, empowering your teams to create content effortlessly.

Powerful APIs

Rest and GraphQL APIs to increase flexibility and efficiency for content management and delivery.

Built to scale

A cloud-based, fully customizable backend that allows you to further build, adapt, or create new functionalities natively. Expand the existing capabilities to match your content needs.

Streamline your content creation process

Free your content creators across all teams to do what they do best - create amazing content.

Content Editor

Tailored, responsive interfaces for effortless content creation. Captivate audiences with powerful, built-in content blocks.

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Interface of Codex CMS displaying content editor with Text, Number, Media fields, etc., adaptable for display on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices

Asset Management Hub

Centrally store and manage all media types, effortlessly find assets with advanced search, and seamlessly integrate third-party libraries for expanded resources.

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Interface of Codex CMS showing the Asset Management Hub and its folders

Content Model Builder

Design custom data structures and generate custom interfaces for entry creation. Choose from our basic fields or take advantage of our native Codex fields to add even more functionality.

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Interface of Codex CMS displaying the model builder and fields for creating content structure

Headless API for Seamless Integration

Codex's Headless API allows developers to integrate seamlessly with any frontend framework or application. Build custom experiences without limitations.

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GraphQL query for API that allows integration with frontend framework or application

Expand Functionality with Plugins Playground

Add extra features to your Codex instance using our Plugins Playground. Customize your CMS experience by installing plugins tailored to your specific needs.

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A circle representing Codex surrounded by puzzle pieces representing plugins that can be integrated as extra features

Advanced Collaboration Management

Simplify collaboration with advanced management features. Manage content lifecycle with labels, collaborate and communicate with built-in comments, and streamline workflows.

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List of users with their permissions and roles for Codex components such as Content, Builder, Assets, and Administration

Roles & Permissions for Efficient Teamwork

Assign roles to team members based on their responsibilities and ensure efficient collaboration. Take your content creation and collaboration to the next level and experience the power of a truly versatile headless CMS.

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List of teams with their specific permissions for Content, Builder, Assets, Administration, Plugins, and their users

Unleash Creativity, Elevate Content.

The headless CMS to meet all your needs.

Content Editor

Effortless content creation that captivates audiences - with powerful built-in APIs to maximize the impact of your content.

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Digital Asset Management

Store and organize all your digital assets in one central location.

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Modular Content Builder

Create modular content that can be reused across different platforms.

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Headless CMS

Create content easily and deploy it anywhere with our cloud-based headless CMS

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Automate tasks, manage revisions, and get your content out faster with Codex's Headless CMS Workflow.

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Plugin Playground

Extend and personalize your CMS with a diverse plugin marketplace.

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