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Interface of Codex CMS displaying content editor, right side panel, and publication calendar


Entries created using Codex


Assets uploaded to Codex


Tags added in Codex

Audience Experiences

Easy Multimedia Content Management

Codex is a comprehensive multimedia content management system that facilitates seamless handling of diverse multimedia formats including images, videos, audio files, and more. Creating appealing and engaging experiences for your audience has never been easier.

Asset Management Hub and its folders
Digital Asset Management

Easily manage your digital assets

With Codex, you can effortlessly edit, resize, and optimize your assets without any limitations. Whether you're dealing with images, videos, podcasts, or other media files, our system allows you to easily upload and manage them simply from one space.

Photo Editing Tool for Images in the Asset Management Hub
Collaboration & Workflows

Efficient collaboration and workflow management

Codex offers in-app discussions and comments, allowing team members to communicate and provide feedback directly within the platform. Through customized feedback workflows, you can tailor the feedback process to suit your team's specific needs. Codex allows you to define how feedback is given and implemented.

Comments option in the editor toolbar of the Rich Content field
Control & Revision

Version Control and Revision History

By utilizing version control and revision history in Codex, you can ensure that your content is always up-to-date and easily traceable. This not only improves collaboration within your team but also provides a safety net for any potential mistakes or unwanted changes.

History tab displaying Entry Versions with additional management options
Scheduling & Publishing

Schedule your Content and Publishing Activities

Codex allows you to easily schedule and publish your content at the desired time, ensuring that your creative work reaches your audience at the right moment. You can plan and automate content releases, making it convenient to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Calendar for scheduling the Entry on a specific date for publication

User Permissions and Controls

Protecting your creative work is crucial, and Codex understands this. It provides robust security measures to safeguard your content from unauthorized access or data breaches. Codex offers granular user permissions, giving you control over who can view, edit, manage, or publish your creative assets.

Users' permissions for Codex components such as Content, Builder, Assets, Administration, and Plugins
Scalability & Performance

We support your business growth

Codex is built with scalability in mind, allowing you to handle large amounts of content without compromising performance. It ensures that your creative projects can seamlessly grow as your audience expands, providing a smooth user experience even during peak traffic periods.

Interface of Codex demonstrating the growth of users' business

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