Fully customizable cloud-based headless CMS

Embrace the freedom of having a fully flexible and customizable cloud-based headless CMS. Build rapid content experiences without limitations.

Codex, a flexible and customizable cloud-based Headless CMS


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High Performance

Content Management and Scalability

With a cloud-based infrastructure, Codex ensures scalability, allowing developers to handle increasing amounts of content and traffic without any performance issues. This makes it suitable for projects of all sizes, from small websites to enterprise-level applications.

GraphQL query for API that allows integration with frontend framework or application
Platform Extension

Adapt the platform to your content

Robust interfaces and plugin architecture that fully supports developers integrating third party solutions with ease, so they form part of the workflow from within Codex. Adapt the platform to the content, not the other way around.

A circle representing Codex surrounded by various pieces representing plugins that can be integrated as extra features
Content Delivery

Seamless Content Delivery

Manage and deliver content at scale with robust Rest and GraphQL APIs. Write once, and publish anywhere across any channel or device.

Developers leveraging APIs to deliver content across websites
Simplified Migration

Data Importing via Interface

Get up and running quickly, fully migrating and ingesting content with interface-based tools that simply the task of importing your content and digital assets.

Interface of Codex CMS representing the feature for importing digital assets and content
PlugIns & Vue.JS

Modern Development Stack

Build plugins in the latest technologies and frameworks to enable new capabilities and workflows within Codex.

Interface of Codex CMS representing the feature for installing and managing plugins versions
Environments Management

Manage development natively

Easily create and manage environments, data synchronizations, content imports, plugin installments and more via click-and-play interfaces.

Codex representing data synchronization between environments
Quality Experiences

Tailor your process to your needs

Control the quality of your audience experience, with configurable environments that enable developers to publish changes from staging to live, synchronize environments and perform bulk updates. Launch at the right quality, at the right time using your own tailored processes.

Interface of Codex CMS showing the configuration of Staging and Live environments

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