Streamline Workflows

Ensuring a smooth content creation and publishing process.

Content editor displaying a user's comments in the Rich Content field, with a right-side panel featuring labels


Entries created using Codex


Assets uploaded to Codex


Tags added in Codex

Custom Workflows

From Draft to Content Excellence: Create, Review, Publish Seamlessly.

Design the workflow that matches your unique process of managing content life cycle. With Labels, custom Views and granular Permissions management.

Image showing the workflow of content from creation, through reviewing, to publishing

Smooth Teamwork

Manage the content lifecycle from initiation to publication and simplify collaboration and communication between teams. Add comments, mention colleagues, and send notifications.

Codex CMS on a mobile device surrounded by components such as assets, calendar, comments, and notifications
Roles and Permissions

Build Independent Teams

Customize and control access to content, assets, and other components with granular-level permissions. Create Teams and assign permissions to streamline workflows and enhance security.

Users' permissions for Codex components such as Content, Builder, Assets, Administration, and Plugins

Unleash Creativity, Elevate Content.

The headless CMS to meet all your needs.

Content Editor

Effortless content creation that captivates audiences - with powerful built-in APIs to maximize the impact of your content.

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Digital Asset Management

Store and organize all your digital assets in one central location.

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Modular Content Builder

Create modular content that can be reused across different platforms.

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Headless CMS

Create content easily and deploy it anywhere with our cloud-based headless CMS

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Automate tasks, manage revisions, and get your content out faster with Codex's Headless CMS Workflow.

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Plugin Playground

Extend and personalize your CMS with a diverse plugin marketplace.

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Discover Our Comprehensive Documentation

Explore our knowledge hub, complete with product guides, best practices and learn how to maximize your earnings potential with Codex.

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