Content Editor

Content Editor for Rapid Creation

Shape your content with an intuitive, WYSIWYG content editor. Choose from a range of built-in content blocks, or create your own custom blocks to built content according to your needs.

Interface of Codex CMS displaying content editor with Text, Number, Media fields, etc., adaptable for display on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices


Entries created using Codex


Assets uploaded to Codex


Tags added in Codex

Content Editor for Rapid Creation

Rich Content field with available blocks for rich content creation

Block-based Editor

Built-in and custom blocks for rich content creation. Seamlessly integrate multimedia elements like images, galleries, videos, embeds and more.

Rich Content field with available content types for rich content creation

Customizable Content Structures

From Articles, to Recipes, to Product Pages - design your content editor and create any type of content with a wide range of ready-to-use fields & forms.

Content editor and right side panel with entry version history

Review Content History

Easily track your progress and see how your content is shaping up as you make changes to it. With this feature, you can effortlessly compare, restore, or clone different versions of your content, so you can always ensure that you're publishing the best possible version.

Calendar displaying the scheduled time of an entry

Optimize Your Content Schedule

Reach your audience at the right time by scheduling your content publishing, homepage listings, or editor's picks. Timing is key!


Unleash Creativity, Elevate Content.

The headless CMS to meet all your needs.

Content Editor

Effortless content creation that captivates audiences - with powerful built-in APIs to maximize the impact of your content.

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Digital Asset Management

Store and organize all your digital assets in one central location.

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Modular Content Builder

Create modular content that can be reused across different platforms.

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Headless CMS

Create content easily and deploy it anywhere with our cloud-based headless CMS

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Automate tasks, manage revisions, and get your content out faster with Codex's Headless CMS Workflow.

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Plugin Playground

Extend and personalize your CMS with a diverse plugin marketplace.

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Explore our knowledge hub, complete with product guides, best practices and learn how to maximize your earnings potential with Codex.

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